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Masterclass: Developing Next Generation Leaders to Achieve Competitive Advantage in a New Future of Work

Learn Best Practices and Next Practices to Achieve Competitive Advantage in a New Future of Work

Key Takeaways

⇨ Understand how to establish leadership development and succession planning programs and processes that are aligned and connected to the business outcomes.

⇨ Challenge thinking about the identification of leadership potential and learn on how to leverage assessments, as well as real-world experiences in the succession planning process.

⇨ Gain insights on how to build of a growth mindset culture, as well as how to find undiscovered successors for leadership and critical roles

As the future of work continues to evolve, the need to identify and develop leaders in your organisation — not just at the top, but for critical roles at all levels — is more important than ever before. HR leaders must take a strategic approach to developing this next generation of leaders by reshaping leadership, talent development, and succession planning programs that must change – because the world has changed – and it will continue to change at an increasingly rapid pace in the future.

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