Process Automation as Foundation to Build Resilient Supply Chain

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Supply chain agility has become an imperative and process automation solutions can help build foundation for building supply chain agility.

⇨ Process automation solutions build process visibility which is key to getting actionable and timely insights, a key criteria for supply chain agility.

⇨ Process quality improvement helps not only improve the overall quality of supply chain processes, thereby helping build agility but also spur upskilling and innovation by eliminating non-value add tasks and allowing employees to focus on skill based tasks.

The need for supply chain resiliency and agility have emerged as prominent drivers in many of SAPinsider's recent research reports like Supply Chain Planning in The Cloud. SAPinsider also highlights supply chain visibility and data integration as key foundational aspects of supply chain agility and resiliency. Process automation solutions are critical in helping organizations build visibility into their processes, digitalize end-to-end processes, and eliminate data silos. It is therefore not surprising that process automation was cited among the top focus areas by CIO’s in our recent CIO report. As shown in figure 1, supply chain processes emerged prominently among the top focus area processes for process automation in our Process Automation and SAP S/4HANA research report. This article discusses why process automation is becoming foundational for building supply chain resiliency.

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