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⇨ Organizations contemplating cloud adoption to modernize their technology infrastructure and applications often seek comprehensive and actionable insights on how to successfully navigate the change.

⇨ Tailored exclusively for the SAPinsider member community, the RISE with SAP Buyers Guide serves as a critical resource and offers valuable insights, expert recommendations, and Vendor Capability Assessments to equip community members with the essential knowledge and tools needed for intelligent and informed decision-making regarding RISE with SAP.

⇨ The guide presents a detailed overview of the capabilities, services, and solutions offered by Technology Vendors, Infrastructure Providers, and Consultants and Integrators in the RISE with SAP space, enabling SAPinsiders to gain a clear understanding of the diverse options available and assess vendors that are best suited to meet their specific requirements.

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RISE with SAP is the focus of SAP’s cloud ERP strategy. Combining SAP S/4HANA Cloud with process transformation capabilities from SAP Signavio and business platform and extension capabilities from SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), RISE with SAP is intended to provide a platform for future innovation for SAP customers. This year, SAP enriched the offering with generative AI, sustainability, and financial innovations targeted at the office of the CFO. These include cash management, receivables management, group reporting data collection, and SAP Analytics Cloud Planning. SAP positions RISE with SAP as a pivotal tool for businesses to transition to a cloud-based ERP. More than providing a framework for moving to the cloud, RISE with SAP facilitates the entire transition process.

Over the past two years, this service has transformed significantly. Initially launched as a licensing package centered around SAP S/4HANA Cloud, it has now matured into a more holistic solution, primarily aimed at fostering business innovation and providing the necessary tools to realize this ambition. When it was released, RISE with SAP aimed to bring together newly acquired business process intelligence tool with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, offering a comprehensive package that included technical services, cloud infrastructure, and a platform that facilitated extending ERP functionality. While the overall makeup of the solution has not changed significantly, there is now greater emphasis on supporting new business models, improving process efficiency, and modernizing critical systems without disruption and fostering business innovation, with SAP BTP serving as the key driver.

To help SAP users in their decisions around RISE with SAP, SAPinsider put together this Buyers Guide, to explore the challenges, opportunities, and trends in the RISE with SAP adoption space and highlight key vendors and partners. The vendor capability assessments are intended to aid and assist organizations in selecting the vendors offering technology and consulting services for RISE with SAP preparation, implementation, infrastructure, and post-deployment support.

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