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Facing Today’s ERP and Cloud Challenges

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Learn about SAP’s current direction in the ERP space.

⇨ Explore the options available to SAP ERP customers.

⇨ Understand the best way to start planning for the move to the cloud.

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SAP customers today are faced with numerous questions. When is the right time to determine future ERP plans? What are the available choices given SAP’s statements around cloud ERP? What is the best way to move to the cloud in a secure and cost-effective manner? How can cloud costs be managed effectively? How can automation be used to streamline administration and manage costs effectively? To help answer these questions, SAPinsider is sitting with Eammon O’Neill, Co-Founder and CTO of Lemongrass Cloud, to discuss how customers can address these challenges as they plan for 2024 and their ERP future. You will hear from current SAPinsider research and the reactions and plans of customers with whom Lemongrass Cloud is engaged.

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