RISE with SAP, Demystifying the Future of Business Transformation

RISE with SAP, Demystifying the Future of Business Transformation

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Businesses today urgently need an operating model to keep them competitive both today and in the future. However, many struggle to realize these operating models due to the cost, complexity, and uncertain ROI associated with complex capex-intensive transformation programs. Rather than implementing the next phase of change, IT teams can get caught up with maintaining and updating infrastructure and are unable to proceed beyond this initial step. Organizations caught in this cycle need a new approach that blends the necessary core modernization with the digital priorities the business needs. One that delivers both technology capabilities plus broader transformation in incremental steps.

RISE with SAP helps CIOs and CDOs develop this new approach by supporting new capabilities while updating infrastructure. However, it must be combined with a value-focused transformation, a digital-native architectural north star, and a scaled agile roadmap that will deliver new capabilities throughout the journey.

Join this webinar to:

  • Demystify RISE with SAP and understand how it can amplify business value
  • Discover how to find the optimal balance between core modernization and digital transformation
  • Learn how to develop business cases more likely to be accepted by the boards
  • Benefit from the real-life lessons learned from recent transformations and find out how can this be applied to your organization

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