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ifm Supply Chain

ifm Supply Chain, a trusted SAP partner for over 25 years, empowers businesses with integrated supply chain solutions seamlessly embedded within the SAP ecosystem. Our solutions enhance demand planning, production scheduling, procurement, and inventory management. We deliver operational efficiency and strategic insights while keeping data within SAP, providing users with a familiar interface. With a commitment to innovation, we’re evolving alongside SAP’s roadmap, ensuring that our solutions meet the latest technology advancements. Join over 800 satisfied customers across diverse industries and optimize your supply chain with ifm Supply Chain.

Featured Solutions

  • ifm Supply Chain Suite

    Unlock the power of an integrated supply chain with ifm's Supply Chain Suite. Seamlessly integrated with SAP, this suite offers modules for Demand Planning, Inventory Optimization, Procurement, and more. Drive efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance visibility across your supply chain.

  • ifm Procurement

    Revolutionize your procurement processes with SCX for Procurement. This cutting-edge solution combines multi-variable buying engines, real-time collaboration, and supply chain transparency. Say goodbye to manual purchasing and hello to streamlined, data-driven procurement.

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