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Powered by AI, the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform empowers organizations to recruit and retain a diverse global workforce and provides applications for enterprises to build on their talent’s existing skills.

Illuminating career paths, opening up a world of possibilities

In Buddhism, the Eightfold Path of eight practices guides each person to wisdom and nirvana. Inspired by this ideal, we want to empower everyone to discover and pursue the right career path, where they can showcase their skills, take pride in their work, and ultimately, enjoy their careers and help others along the way.

Achieving talent greatness takes a great team

We’ve assembled the world’s best and brightest in AI and HR to help our customers create and build their ideal future workforces. Our experts in machine learning, artificial intelligence, search, personalization, enterprise solutions, and more are dedicated to delivering technology at scale to support our mission. Help us make it happen.

Why Eightfold

Great talent teams deserve a great platform. That’s why we built a single AI platform that does it all:
Powered by deep-learning AI, we surface insights when and where you need them most
We harness the data of 1B+ career trajectories and 1M+ skills worldwide to give a truly global view of talent and skills insights. Learn more about responsible AI in HR
Our Talent Intelligence Platform is easy to use, insightful, and delivers fast results

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