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AecorSoft specializes in enterprise-ready, secure, scalable and high-performing integration software products for SAP systems and Salesforce, to help customers make the most out of their investment in ERP and CRM.
No matter it is to build fast data pipelines from SAP and Salesforce to on-premise or cloud based data platforms, or to drive self-service, real-time analytics, AecorSoft has the answer. AecorSoft significantly improves the SAP and Salesforce integration project life cycle,  and enables customers to focus more on the critical business problems, instead of struggling with enterprise data integration efforts.
The popular adoption scenarios include, but not limited to:  
Large volume SAP data extraction to on-premise data warehouses or cloud data platforms like AWS RedShift and Azure Data Lake;
Modern data integration with SAP HANA, either as data source or data destination, with extremely fast performance;
Real-time reporting and analytics on SAP data in Excel and Google Sheets;
Enablement of value-add custom application development with SAP.

Redmond, WA United States

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