Navigating Composable ERP

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Learn about the value of composable ERP.

⇨ Understand how to address challenges with deploying a composable approach.

⇨ See how IBM and Microsoft are helping organizations implement composable ERP.


Many organizations today have in place a monolithic environment where all the capabilities they use are in a single system. What works better is an environment where they can implement the right tool for the right technology. This allows them to make work simpler, smarter, and more connected, and allows them to turn their existing transactional environments into a more intelligent landscape that redefines how they get work done. To understand more about the composable ERP approach, SAPinsider will be talking with Devraj Bardhan, CTO SAP Managed Services at IBM, about what composable ERP means and how customers can leverage it in their landscapes.

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