Navigating Audits During the Innovation Age

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  1. How to Manage a Remote Consulting Relationship

    ManagementAs the economy continues to weaken, many companies are searching for ways to cut costs without shedding business-critical functions. One way to accomplish this is to use remote consultants, who typically require little or no travel cost and offer more granular billing policies than on-site consultants. While remote consulting arrangements can reduce costs, they also…...…
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    Navigating Audits During the Innovation Age

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    As organizations plunge into the digital revolution, the intricacies of SAP systems – especially during transformation phases – highlights the pivotal role of audits.
  3. Why Hyperscalers Need to Become Consulting Companies

    By Kumar Singh, Research Director, SAPinsider The future is going to be inevitably cloudy But in a positive way. If you regularly follow my blogs, you may be a bit irritated by now as I repeatedly hammer “cloud is the future”. And it is not only in terms of technology infrastructure. Companies will, eventually, operate…
  4. Fortune and Consulting Magazine Name Protiviti ‘Best Workplace in Consulting’ and ‘Best Firm to Work For’

    Protiviti has recently achieved accolades in two of the most prestigious lists for top consulting firms, Fortune and Consulting Magazine.
  5. How Tailored SAP Consulting Solutions are Empowering SMEs

    SAP consulting is a vital resource for SME s seeking to navigate the intricate world of SAP solutions
  6. AusNet Collabs with IBM Consulting to Implement SAP SuccessFactors for HR Transformation

    AusNet aims for an HR transformation of ten-months using SAP SuccessFactors with the help of IBM Consulting.
  7. Separation Anxiety: What To Do When Your Consultants Leave

    ManagementWhether they are delivering technical work or more, consultants are a presence on many project teams. Eventually, however, they will move on to the next job, leaving you to retrace their steps when something goes awry. In this project management article, Symmetry COO Frank Powell shares insider secrets that will prepare you to maintain your…...…
  8. Demand-Driven Planning for S/4HANA and ERP

    Demand-driven replenishment, demand-driven planning, or demand-driven MRP help in efficiently planning and managing supply chains based on customer demand, as opposed to traditional MRP procedures. DDP decouples material flows, makes them less vulnerable to supply chain disruptions, and ensures the availability of relevant products through dynamically managed buffers. In this article, know how decoupling material…
  9. SAP Integrated Business Planning for Sales and Operations: Q&A on How to Optimize Demand and Supply Planning and Increase Profitability

    When it comes to your supply chain, accuracy, efficiency, swift and informed decision making, and timely responses and adjustments to market and business changes are critical — but a lack of communication between sales, marketing, finance, and operations can be a significant impediment to these goals. The ability to effectively and simultaneously evaluate data from…...…
  10. Mindset Consulting on the Benefits of Topaz Devices for SAP Integration

    Full-stack SAP developer at Mindset Consulting, Mark Smith, explores the benefits of Topaz devices with the integration of SAP S/4HANA.