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SAP Infrastructure and Landscape Trends 2024

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Understand the impact that RISE with SAP will have on any landscape plans.

⇨ Include sustainability factors when creating infrastructure and landscape plans

⇨ Explore how SAP’s changing cloud and ERP strategy will impact the need to update and replace infrastructure

In this report:

Infrastructure is the foundation of any SAP landscape. Although SAP has a goal of becoming a cloud company, many organizations have yet to make the move to cloud-based infrastructure. This is because a significant number of existing systems reside on legacy infrastructure. However, this infrastructure is changing. When SAPinsider first researched infrastructure and landscape trends in 2022, the top two infrastructure choices were a private-cloud environment and multi-tenant hyperscaler or public cloud. The third most likely infrastructure choice was new on-premise infrastructure, selected by more than a quarter of survey respondents. Now, many respondents are considering infrastructure from RISE with SAP as one of the more likely infrastructure choices after private-cloud or hosted environments.

The survey asked the respondents to about their SAP workloads, the infrastructure on which those workloads are running, plans for future infrastructure, the importance of sustainability goals in infrastructure planning, and how the organization was planning on achieving those infrastructure goals. Sustainability has become more important to organizations over the last two years, and there continues to be more focus on cloud-based infrastructure for the future. The most important goals of infrastructure change continue to related to minimizing operational inefficiencies and reducing costs while at the same time increasing flexibility and improving resilience.

Chart showing most likely planned infrastructure

Download the benchmark report to read the full data analysis from 176 members of the SAPinsider community and receive recommendations for your own plans.

  • Explore the infrastructure that organizations are planning to use for their SAP workloads.
  • Understand the timeline for updating that infrastructure.
  • Learn about how respondents are planning to measure the success of infrastructure initiatives.
  • See the actions they are taking to support more sustainable infrastructure.

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