Analytics in the Cloud Benchmark Report

Analytics in the Cloud Benchmark Report

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By Kumar Singh, Research Director, SAPinsider

In This Report:

Business complexity has increased exponentially in the last decade and so have the associated risks of disruption. SAPinsiders have consistently indicated in multiple research reports that evolving their data and analytics portfolio can help them address and manage these complexities and resulting disruptions in a much better way while also helping them build customer-focused organizations. They have also indicated that they see the cloud as a key component of their future analytics strategy.

To further explore the interest, plans, and strategies of SAPinsiders in the intersection of analytics and cloud, we surveyed 128 data and analytics-focused members of our community in November and December of 2021.

Read the report to:

  • Learn about the business imperatives that SAPinsiders are facing that is making them strategize about building analytics capabilities in the cloud
  • Understand what data and analytics capabilities in the cloud SAPinsiders believe are most critical to develop
  • Explore what issues are most instrumental in building the business case for analytics in the cloud
  • Get insights into the analytics in the cloud technology roadmap for SAPinsiders
  • Learn about best practices and suggested strategic actions



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