Intel IT transforms Intel Supply Chain with SAP HANA

Intel IT transforms Intel Supply Chain with SAP HANA

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The increasing complexity in the supply chain has created the need for IT businesses to move to new real-time analytics solutions based on SAP HANA and simplify the system back to a standard integrated ERP solution. How can you deliver advanced analytics/predictive capabilities for my supply chain? How can you reduce risk across the supply chain? What are the frameworks that other companies use to deliver business insights and analytics in a timely manner?

In this webinar, Craig Chvatal, IT Director of Enterprise Platform Architecture & Governance & Principal Engineer at Intel, and Divya Prakash, IT Lead Supply Chain Architect at Intel, will present how Intel IT is transforming Intel’s supply chain with the use of SAP HANA modern data warehouse as a solution to the increasing complexity of their supply chain.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Get to know the warehouse foundation building blocks & framework of modern data that Intel has enabled in their journey.
  • Explore SAP HANA modern data warehouse foundation for supply chain with near real-time data feeds for reporting and analytics.
  • Learn how to consolidate custom applications surrounding your ERP into a common core for better integration and real-time insights.
  • Recognize the benefits of the partnership between SAP & Intel that has differentiated technology for SAP HANA and is a multiplier effect

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