Shashidhar Garimella

Meet the Expert

Shashidhar Garimella is an accomplished Principal Architect at SAP America Inc., known for his exceptional skills and expertise in the field of Enterprise Software Solutions. With a career spanning over a decade, Shashidhar has made significant contributions to the areas of SAP Analytics (BW, BW/4, DWC), Enterprise Information Management (EIM)- DI, SLT, SDI, Financial Planning(BPC, SAC) and Corporate Closing portfolios (BPC, Group Reporting)that has empowered numerous corporations to optimize their operations and drive business success.Since joining SAP in 2010, Shashidhar Garimella has held diverse roles that has spanned across three different continents. He began his journey at SAP as an engineer on the product side, contributing heavily to the progress and enhancement of SAP's innovative solutions. Later, he transitioned to the consulting side, leveraging his deep expertise of the products to provide expert guidance and support to clients. His expertise has assisted numerous Fortune 100 corporations in optimizing their business IT and SAP solutions.Shashidhar's industry experience includes Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Defense, High Tech, Oil & Gas, Beauty & Healthcare, Energy, and more. His contributions have impacted organizations' business outputs on a wide scale, ranging from accurate financial reporting to Government Authorities & Wall Street to helping pharmaceutical companies develop more effective drugs.Beyond his everyday responsibilities, Shashidhar Garimella has actively contributed to the industry's knowledge sharing and awareness initiatives. He has served as a prominent speaker at global conferences, including renowned events like TECHED, where he has shared his insights and expertise with a wide audience. Additionally, Shashidhar has led multiple workshops, spreading awareness about IT solutions and empowering organizations to optimize their processes.Currently based at the North American Center of Expertise at SAP, Shashidhar works with premium engagement clients in advisory capacity. His services, expertise and recommendations have helped organizations unlock significant value, enormous time savings, and massive cost-efficiency.

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