Paul Grill

Meet the Expert

Paul Grill

CEO, InfoSol
SAPinsider Expert since 2024

Paul Grill is the Co-Founder and CEO of InfoSol Inc. working with organizations around the world to help them implement Business Intelligence solutions to analyze and see beyond their data. Paul believes that Business Intelligence is not just about analyzing data to provide better insights but also about the human actions you take as a result of those insights. Paul has worked with Fortune 50 companies, small startups and everything in between to help them create transformational impact to their productivity and bottom line. Data holds amazing nuggets of precious information and that can be put to use to make a difference in people’s lives. Paul is a thought leader who is passionate about Business Intelligence and his passion is contagious. He lectures and has written extensively on the subject. In addition to being an avid runner, Tai Chi practitioner and kids soccer coach, if you really knew him, you would know that Paul is also passionate about Ancient Egyptology and gorillas.

Work Experience

1997 - Present Founder and CEO of InfoSol, a Business Intelligence Solutions Company 1993 - 1997 VP of Sales for NCN Maintenance 1978 - 1993 Technical Support Specialist at Honeywell/Honeywell-Bull/Bull