Andy Hancock

Meet the Expert

Andy Hancock is a Global Vice President of the Centre of Excellence within SAP Digital Supply Chain. As a seasoned global executive who has held numerous leadership roles during his 15-year tenure at SAP, he has brought quantifiable results to leading global brands through innovation advocacy. Having worked in more than 40 countries and experienced a vast array of cultures, he understands the importance of challenging the status quo to drive business outcome and create a competitive differentiator in turbulent global markets. Andy brings thought leadership and a clarity of vision to businesses by merging a strong technical foundation, a passion for solving problems and leveraging a vast array of knowledge obtained from real world situations he has encountered during his career. He understands how to quickly uncover the root of a problem and articulate a clear path to a successful business outcome. Andy holds a Master’s in Computer Science and a Bachelor in Aeronautic Engineering from the University of Salford, United Kingdom. He is also a Professional Member of the British Computer Society, the Chartered Institute for IT.