Do I Really Need an SAP SECOPS Program?

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Many companies may not think that they need an SAP specific SECOPS program.

⇨ However, SECOPS teams may not be familiar with SAP or how to deal with any breaches.

⇨ It is crucial to learn from the NIST Cybersecurity framework.

Companies may not believe that an SAP SECOPS program is necessary, but there may be more factors at play than they considered. In this article, SAPinsider Bill Oliver will walk you through some of the key considerations that SAP users must make when setting up their overall security plan.
Some organizations that simply having their SECOPS team monitor their current system infrastructure is sufficient. However, it is worth considering what level of expertise your team has with SAP itself. SAP systems require different security considerations and protocols in the event of a breach.
Oliver will highlight some of the more high-profile types of breaches and vulnerabilities relating to SAP systems that are known to the public. Once the need for an SAP-dedicated SECOPS program is in place, a good place to start is the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. This guidance will allow your organization to manage and reduce risk.

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