The business benefits of SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

The business benefits of SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

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Nowadays, not a day goes by without a new data breach being reported in the news. Cyber-attacks often target our IT infrastructure using phishing, smishing, ransomware or malware. The goal is often to disrupt a company's operations, encrypt databases or block access to carry out extortion.
The average time to contain a security breach is 280 days. Such a long-lasting attack on an SAP S/4HANA Finance application can have even more serious consequences for an organization than an attack on the IT infrastructure if it results in the loss of important data and money and thus violates compliance regulations. In addition, threats to the application environment such as SAP S/4HANA and the IT infrastructure must be equally considered in the risk management of the entire organization.
Enterprise Threat Detection makes suspicious (user) behavior and anomalies in SAP S/4HANA business applications transparent in real time to detect and stop such security breaches in real time.

- Businesses that had not deployed security automation saw an average total cost of $6.03 million, more than double the average cost of a data breach of $2.45 million for businesses that had fully deployed security automation
- The time to contain a security breach on average is 280 days
- Lost business costs $1.52 million accounted for nearly 40% of the average total cost of a data breach

It’s not a question of experiencing a data breach. It’s only a question WHEN!

Join this session to:

- Understand how you can benefit from SAP Enterprise Threat Detection to protect the intelligent enterprise by identifying, analyzing and neutralizing cyber-attacks on your SAP S/4HANA Finance applications
- Discover how security incidents are detected and analyzed and how evidence of an attack is collected and secured
- Learn how to adopt and adapt specific use cases according to your individual application and company policies

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