Masterclass: Cutting Edge Development and DevOps with UI5

Meet the Experts

Key Takeaways

⇨ Develop cutting-edge UI5 apps efficiently

⇨ Increase delivery- and coding-quality via wdi5 and Continuous Integration

⇨ Achieve DevOps flexibility to minimize deploy times for UI5 apps

Cutting-edge development and DevOps with UI5 are essential for modern businesses. They enable organizations to quickly and efficiently create, deploy, and maintain applications.

We’ll begin by creating a UI5 app for a modern development experience, complete with end-to-end test capabilities using wdi5. We’ll then transition to Continuous Integration for automated Quality Assurance, leveraging a Cloud Testing Service for scalability. Finally, we’ll implement Continuous Deployment to both SAP and non-SAP platforms. To top it off, we’ll customize DevOps processes to optimize the KPI for getting things production-ready. This session is designed for our Mastering SAP Developer, Architect, QA Engineer and DevOps practitioners.

Volker Buzek is a Development Architect working in the SAP web/mobile cosmos, often at the boundary SAP/non-SAP. With a focus on UI5, CAP and BTP, faible for Open Source, Testing and CI/CD. SAP Mentor, trying to foster the adoption of Open Source within the SAP ecosystem. Maintainer wdi5 + cds-pg, organizer re>≡CAP (un)conference, co-host ui5-community, and UI5con regular.

Read the presentation here.

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