Improving Employee Experience with Embedded Listening

Meet the Experts

  • Megan Fife

    PMP, Principal HXM Solution Advisor, HXM Presales, SAP SuccessFactors (USA)

Key Takeaways

⇨ Listening to employees frequently and understanding their sentiments is crucial for business success.

⇨ Annual surveys are valuable, but targeting specific moments that matter provides more accurate and actionable feedback

⇨ Using embedded listening tools, such as Qualtrics touchpoints through SAP SuccessFactors, allows for continuous feedback and the ability to quickly respond and create positive change

We’ve heard it before – listening to employees can have a major impact on business performance and engagement, but how do you make sure you are doing it the right way? Companies need to listen frequently, understand the data, and take action to make improvements. This will ensure that change is being made and employee sentiments are taken seriously, so employees feel valued and heard.

Annual surveys are helpful to understand general issues, but that’s just one layer. Companies that want to make a serious change can’t rely on once-a-year interactions. They need to target specific moments that matter, to get in the right feedback.

Read the presentation to gain an understanding on how embedded listening can automatically trigger during key moments that matter throughout an employee’s lifecycle and give companies key information on how their employees feel about important processes that affect them.

With Qualtrics touchpoints embedded through SAP SuccessFactors, you can:

  • Listen to employees and candidates at the right time
  • Provide a continuous feedback opportunity
  • Understand the information captured
  • Act quickly to create change

Read the presentation here.

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