Empowering Managers with Self-Service Real-Time Reports – The Story of the Great and the Unexpected

Meet the Experts

  • Dan Auber

    Lead Advisor, Reporting and Tools, Auckland Council (NZ)

Key Takeaways

⇨ How Reporting tools can change the dynamic – empowering staff to own and understand their financials

⇨ Project Delivery – some dos and don’ts for a successful project that runs on time and to budget

⇨ Importance of demonstrating clear project benefits – showing project worth

Auckland Council is the largest council in Oceania with over 10,000 staff servicing 600,000 ratepayers. Hear how our project delivered self-service, near real-time reporting to around 750 users. Prior to this they only got financial statements monthly in a flat file without drill-down analysis.

Users were surveyed before and after the implementation and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive with the new system hailed as a significant game changer in terms of financial reporting and budgetary control. With current inflationary and cost of living pressures, the need for accurate and up-to-date information is more pressing than ever.

  • Context – Auckland Council Introduction
  • Project Goals – move to self-service, near real-time drill-downable reporting
  • Project Story – how did we do it – what went well and what went badly
  • Project Results – Customer feedback, Learnings, Developments

Read the presentation here.

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