BTP Plays Well with Others (Joint Reference Architecture)

Meet the Experts

  • Chris Rae

    Founder & Chief Architect, DalRae Solutions

    SAPinsider Expert since 2023
  • Diego Lombardini

    Partner Solutions Architect at AWS

    SAPinsider Expert since 2023

Key Takeaways

⇨ Learn how you can use SAP BTP along with your existing technology stack

⇨ Discover how BTP fits into an environment with hyperscalers and plays an important role

A joint reference architecture can demonstrate how SAP BTP works seamlessly with other technologies by providing a clear, visual representation of the various components and how they integrate with one another. By showing how these different technologies work together to deliver a cohesive solution, a reference architecture can help businesses to better understand the value and benefits of using SAP BTP alongside other technologies.

Read the presentation here.

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