Becoming Cyber Resilient: Why Transforming SAP Security as part of your SAP S/4HANA Upgrade is Vital

Meet the Experts

Key Takeaways

⇨ How to get your SAP security SAP S/4HANA ready, even when facing incomplete business process documentation challenges

⇨ How to optimize and streamline your SAP Security design to improve business risk ownership and reduce business-as-usual security maintenance effort

⇨ How to successfully remove excessive user access with minimal impact to your IT Support organisation and business operations

Device Technologies’ SAP ECC 6.0 Security Model evolved organically over several years, lacking a proper security design and governance framework. This posed multiple risks, such as excessive system access, misalignment with business processes, and segregation of duty business risks.

Migrating to SAP S/4HANA provided an ideal opportunity for implementing a better approach to redesign and build a risk resilient Security design and framework. By implementing a fit-for-purpose Enterprise Business Role methodology based on organizational positions, business processes, and operating model alignment. Successfully removing excessive user access and implementing an access risk framework to prevent unmitigated system access risks; and Augmenting privilege access processes to minimise the impact on the IT Support organisation and business operations.

This session will share how Device Technologies Australia have achieved SAP S/4HANA system access alignment with business functions, decreased business risks through segregation of duty, critical and sensitive data restrictions and stablished a future proof Security Governance Framework, Design and Process.

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