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Achieve Hyperautomation in Your Business with SAP Process Automation

Read this session deck to learn how SAP Process Automation can empower everyone in your organization to automate and transform business processes with an easy-to-use no-code experience. SAP Process Automation combines powerful capabilities from SAP Workflow Management & SAP Intelligent RPA. Using visual drag-and-drop tools and prebuilt, industry-specific content, you can simplify business process automation, improve process efficiency, and enhance business agility.

The session deck discusses:

  • How process experts can use SAP Process Automation as a simpler and faster way to automate their business processes
  • How Visibility dashboards provide process participants real-time, event driven transparency into end-to-end processes
  • How you can jumpstart your automation projects using pre-built contents
  • Getting started using the Free Tier on SAP Business Technology Platform

Read the presentation here

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