Anticipate Disruption with the Kinetic Enterprise

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Take time to understand how to successfully move to a clean core and responsive SAP S/4HANA system by focusing on organizational change management, business processes, and data management.

⇨ Build a governance structure with the ability to continually evolve with intelligent, connected, and inclusive ecosystems.

⇨ The Kinetic Enterprise is a journey that offers the quickest time to value along with a culture of continuous innovation.

The Kinetic Enterprise is Built to Evolve. As companies emerge from the impacts of one of the most disruptive events in the last 100 years, it’s now time to re-examine operating models and build organizations that can endure in times of similar devastation and future disruptions. As organizations continue to reel from the effects of what is now the new normal — continuing supplier instability, evolving customer demands, and challenging needs of organizational talent — the question is, how can they better prepare and respond effectively?

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