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cbs Corporate Business Solutions

cbs Corporate Business Solutions is a global SAP consulting company specialized in complex transformation projects like Carve-Outs, Post merger integrations, move to SAP S/4HANA, and global SAP rollouts. A global leader in SAP data migration and founding member of the Selective Data Transition Engagement group, cbs is the only SAP partner with an end-to-end portfolio that delivers both technical and functional consulting expertise, combined with proven transformation software allowing us to deliver such projects out of one hand. Our consultants across 20 locations worldwide design, optimize and manage digital business processes for mid-sized industrial corporations, hidden champions, and large enterprises.

Featured Solutions

  • cbs ET Enterprise Transformer image

    cbs ET Enterprise Transformer: Fast Track your S/4HANA Journey

    With cbs ET, selective process changes or implementation of S/4 innovations, can be applied efficiently and consistently to all master and transaction data. cbs ET also offers complete flexibility in the choice of cutover scenarios – both in waves as well as in one big bang using near-zero-downtime functionalities.

  • E-Invoicing World Cloud image

    E-Invoicing World Cloud

    Fully managed worldwide legal and fiscal requirements for business-to-government (B2G) transaction scenarios. Never again worry about making sure your organization is up to speed with the ever changing local legal requirements with cbs E-Invoicing World Cloud.

  • Digital Supply Chain with myleo / dsc image

    Digital Supply Chain with myleo / dsc

    Collaborative digital platform for yard and over-the-road logistics. Visibility, transparency, and better planning now possible with Track & Trace, Dock scheduling, and Yard Management functionalities to keep all the moving pieces connected.

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  • SAP Integration Suite Uplift

    Reading time: 5 mins

    A strategic model by cbs Corporate Business Solutions to drive the migration from SAP PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite – Why and How.
  • SPS Companies uses Selective Data Transition for SAP S/4HANA Cloud

    SPS Companies becomes the first SAP customer to execute Selective Data Transition migration into a productive SAP S/4HANA Cloud system. Learn more about how they achieved 89% total database reduction and leveraging their transactional data in the new Universal Ledger.
  • Plant Reallocation at Pacific Drilling

    Short description: Whenever a new exploration contract is executed at Pacific Drilling (now Noble Corp.), deep-sea drilling rigs need to be moved internally between regional company codes. Learn how they will be able to reduce effort by over 50% in future plant moves, which results in overall cost reductions of 40%.
  • Carve-Out and Post-Merger Integration

    Carve-Outs and M&A activity has been picking up in recent months. Executing SAP carve-outs smoothly and effectively is critical in the success of a merger or acquisition, and this becomes a challenge when there is little involvement from IT early on. Here’s a crash course on the things you need to know In order to…
  • Move to SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud with Selective Data Transition

    Easiest and safest way to move to SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud. cbs offers pre-packaged standard migration scenarios for your move to the cloud leveraging Selective Data Transition. These pre-packaged solutions provide the perfect starting point for any organization looking to migrate to SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud. Select the preferred options and add layers of customization…
  • Is Data Holding Your Business Transformation Back

    One of the biggest problems SAP customers need to overcome during their transformation journeys start and end with data. Learn how software-driven solutions can help set your organization for success in the age of the data-driven enterprise. We have real customers who’ve done this. Whether complex system consolidations, selective S/4HANA transitions, or financial harmonization.
  • rise with sap

    ‘RISE with SAP’: the art of business transformation-as-a-service in the cloud

    ‘RISE with SAP’: the art of business transformation-as-a-service in the cloud   ‘RISE with SAP’ has been on the market for a few weeks now – a global customer program for intelligent enterprises in the cloud. Cloudy to serene, the Walldorf-based software group sees itself on the way towards a full-service provider for business transformation-as-a-service. SAP complements its core business…
  • What is an SAP carve-out?

    Another New Normal: Is your company currently or in the future-facing a divestment? The world has been faced with a long list of “new normals” recently, and divestment is no different for your business. Don’t let a good business decision turn into a messy mix-up of data and information. Executing SAP carve-out smoothly and effectively…
  • SAP S/4HANA® Selective Data Transition Engagement

    The Benefits A SAP S/4HANA® Selective Data Transition goes beyond a standard New Implementation or System Conversion. It includes a host of options, related to the handling of software & data provisioning, requiring additional expert services and tools to accomplish. The benefits of the Selective Data Transition approach are diverse and often customer specific. As a…
  • SAP M&A: Challenges and Solutions for IT and Business Alignment

    In today’s dynamic business landscape, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) have become common strategies for companies looking to expand, diversify, or strengthen their market positions. However, when organizations involved in M&A are reliant on SAP for their IT infrastructure and business processes, aligning IT and business becomes a critical challenge. In this article, we will explore…
  • How SAP New GL Streamlines Financial Processes and Reporting

    eCommerce has been evolving quite rapidly since COVID-19 happened. Since then the customer viewpoint has shifted massively and it’s become a lot more important for businesses to be able to optimize their reporting processes. However that’s not the only thing that has changed in the business industry. For example, the core financial proceedings of an…
  • Optimizing Your Inventory Management with SAP Fiori

    Most industries such as retail, discrete manufacturing, logistics, F&B and even healthcare must deal with physical products and materials. Common problems such as over/ understocking, inaccurate data and poor forecasting can cause many pains.     With these cbs Fiori apps, you can design a more seamless experience for users to execute inventory management activities.…