Digitization and Automation of Tax

Tax laws are constantly changing as events such as Brexit and the Wayfair ruling create new requirements for tax calculation, reporting, and audits. Regulators are demanding a new level of visibility and digitization of tax reporting. Sessions in this track outline key rules, and regulations you need to understand. We will also help you navigate the various tax solutions available and show you how to select the right ones for your company and prepare for the integration impacts of your core solution.

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Indirect Tax: A new engine for automation in global finance- Lane Leskela

The rapid pace of sales and use tax reform and government-mandated changes in VAT and GST requirements are impacting the finance automation priorities of businesses around the world. Please join us for this fresh session to learn how you can leverage SAP solutions for global sales and value-added tax determination, filing, and real-time reporting across global markets. Take control of indirect tax management automation, lower the cost of administration, and eliminate potential losses due to fines and timing disadvantages with integrated data and reporting in the Cloud.

Navigating tax solutions for SAP customers

Tax laws and regulations are in constant flux making it more difficult for global companies to keep pace and ensure compliance. This session discusses the latest solutions from SAP and partners to help organizations navigate important decisions and better understand what tax functionality they need to deploy and where to find it.

Tax trends panel discussion

Join this interactive panel discussion to learn the latest tax trends and their potential impact on your finance and compliance operations We will cover a wide range of topics from the impact of Brexit to the latest ecommerce tax regulations to new laws for tax reporting that you need understand. Bring your key questions and lessons as you.

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SAP S/4HANA Finance: State of the Market Benchmark Report

Finance departments today face increasing demands to deliver real-time reporting and analysis from a broader array of sources on top of fulfilling their historical responsibilities. Whether this involves integrating data from multiple systems into one centralized platform in order to conduct that reporting, or streamlining operations to free up resources to perform these new tasks, finance departments are being pressed to refocus priorities and look at solutions like SAP S/4HANA Finance to provide the tools they need.


Why Tax Departments Need to Build Technology Roadmaps 

Developing a technology roadmap can help individual departments articulate and prioritize the projects they see as essential to adding business value, improving the customer and/or employee experience, achieving a return on investment, and aligning their goals with larger company objectives. For the tax department, creating and presenting such a roadmap to leadership can determine the percentage of the IT budget it receives to fund technology initiatives that will improve tax operations and meet personnel needs. 

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