Special Expert Demo for SAPinsiders: Bringing the Top in Testing Automation Directly to You

Webinar - On-Demand

Most organizations have a need for the latest and greatest in technology, but their people don’t have the time to sign up and schedule multiple demos in search of the best one for them. Avo Automation knows this is a struggle, so we are bringing you a live demonstration packed with information relevant to you.

SAP software quality and speed to market are a matter of customer experience and revenue. To keep customers happy and stay competitive, you must be able to deliver the best software with top efficiency.

In this live demonstration, we will share details for how our Fortune 500 customer used test automation to accelerate SAP testing, improve quality and save money.
What can you expect to experience during this live expert demo?

  1. Test automation trends
  2. Customer pain points
  3. Test Automation Demo
  4. Q&A session

Join us to see how Avo Automation can make your life easier by:

  • Delivering releases 5x faster
  • Reducing application errors up to 100%
  • Reducing regression testing efforts by over 30%
  • Saving 45% of overall testing costs
  • Increasing productivity by achieving 100% SAP test automation
  • Seamlessly testing SAP and other applications end-to-end

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