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Reveal transforms how SAP-centric organizations unlock the hidden value in their supply chains. Utilizing SAP’s integrated processes, best practices and standard functionality organizations are able to sustainably increase service levels, improve inventory performance and reduce operating costs leveraging Reveal’s approach to education, empowerment and change management. Imagine no spreadsheets and manual processes, only running a world-class supply chain delivering improved performance and business results by optimizing the investment you already made in SAP.

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  • 5 Ways to Squeeze More Juice Out of Your SAP System

    Reading time: 1 min

    From Data Chaos to Profit Paradise: Your Journey to Material Mastery Starts Here. This content is for Basic Access, SAPinsider Monthly Subscription, SAPinsider Annual Subscription, and SAPinsider Premium Annual Subscription members only.Log In Join Now

  • Inventory Performance: Is Dead Stock Good Stock?

    Reading time: 1 min

    While "Dead Stock" might sound scary, delve deep to reveal it as an opportunity for optimizing inventory, providing actionable strategies to reduce unsold items and improve cash flow. This content is for Basic Access, SAPinsider Monthly Subscription, SAPinsider Annual Subscription, and SAPinsider Premium Annual Subscription members only.Log In Join Now

  • Effective Warehouse Management with Reveal

    Reading time: 2 mins

    Challenges in warehouse management often include manual processes that bypass system recommendations, material misplacement, and physical space constraints not reflected in the system. These issues can lead to frustrated employees, inefficient operations, inventory discrepancies, lost customers, and excessive inventory levels. These inefficiencies usually stem from misaligned rules (master data settings), a lack of system understanding,…

  • Buckman Chemical

    Reading time: 1 min

    This supply chain improved operation efficiencies by using SAP more effectively.

  • Campbell’s Soup

    Reading time: 1 min

    See how Campbell’s saved $53 million in working capital. Massive savings by leveraging SAP functionality & best practice.

  • Living in the Line of Sight

    A clear line of sight leads to transactional excellence to improve forecast accuracy & balance supply and demand.

  • Managing Strategic Source Diversification with SAP

    When there is sufficient volume to be shared, multi-sourcing is a strong tool to have in the toolkit because knowing that there are options inherently places us in a better place.

  • Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning DDMRP

    Learn how DDMRP redefines supply chain management—from bringing in raw materials to support production to prioritizing what and when to produce.

  • Learning From Opposites Procurement vs. Customer Service

    Keeping our customer promises should always be front and center. It is not easy to achieve when procurement and customer service are not working seamlessly together.

  • Maximizing Production Throughput to Improve Market Shares

    A Clear Path to Manufacturing Efficiency. Higher throughput is a key indicator that an organization can produce and deliver a product most efficiently and deliver within the promised delivery window.

  • Building Demand-Driven Supply Chains with Reveal

    Reading time: 3 mins

    Businesses employ a push-based supply chain strategy, driven by historical data or plant production capacity rather than effectively managing inventory to align with actual market demand. This approach often results in inefficiencies such as surplus raw materials, low inventory turnover, unproductive usage of storage space and ultimately leads to crisis management, reactive communication, and contributes…