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It started in New Zealand where the idea of software to unlock a competitive edge for Trade Revenue Management was born.  Our early goal was to be recognised as being the best at what we did on the global stage. New Zealanders are known for their ability to think outside the box, making the impossible possible. And with enough hard work, determination and single minded focus, we were determined to succeed.
We had no precrafted product and no legacy that would hold us back. We knew that if we were going to do this, we needed to think big, think creatively and above all else, find a way to combine the dream with the most advanced technology out there.  And that ‘s exactly what we did. With the best of everything we could get our hands on, we went to work. We knew we were in it for the long haul, and our software needed to amaze and delight our clients.
We saw extraordinary growth in very little time, then before we knew it, the dream came true. We captivated and astounded the biggest technology providers in the world with our software developments around functionality and speed. Independently tested and verified, we ‘ve become the best at what we do.
And it ‘s what this technology can do for others that really makes our hearts beat. Seeing businesses across the supply chain come out of a hole to flourish and prosper, helping them achieve amazing heights and going from strength to strength is deeply satisfying.  But it doesn ‘t stop now. We ‘ve learnt with the speed of change that being the best or the fastest isn ‘t actually good enough! We have to build on our success and double down on our commitment to innovate, be even faster, and even better.
For us it ‘s about being at the forefront of technological advances in the management of revenue across the supply chain. We ‘re making a difference on a global scale, and we ‘re proud of it, but there is plenty left to do.

North Shore, Auckland NZ

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