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With almost three decades of experience spanning a wide range of industries across the globe, Flintfox provides businesses with complex pricing and rebates a smarter way to manage, streamline and automate pricing.

By consolidating pricing, rebates, settlements, claims, deductions and more into one automated, accurate and easy-to-use solution, Flintfox helps businesses protect margins and maximise revenue.

With a powerful pricing engine capable of processing huge data sets at blistering speeds to supercharge your ERP, Flintfox turns pricing complexity into opportunity.

Flintfox brings together data into one central source of truth, offering granular visibility of pricing calculations down to a single SKU. Users can analyse, audit, and adjust pricing with their own configurable dashboard.

Implement an infinite number of rules across different channels and geographies. Empower your business to be more proactive, competitive, and enterprising than ever before.

Flintfox can enhance your pricing powers now within SAP ECC and seamlessly transition with you to S/4HANA, ensuring your pricing solutions evolve alongside your business needs.

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  • Updating Distribution Models to Regain Pricing Power

    Reading time: 2 mins

    Amid technological advancements and evolving supply chain challenges, traditional distribution models are no longer viable. For instance, the model in which resellers and distributors received discounts to manage inventory, logistics, and last-mile delivery is no longer tenable. Manufacturers have a greater need to maintain control over their prices, and these discounts make that much more…

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    Rebate management is a critical aspect of financial operations for many businesses, directly impacting profitability and efficiency. However, managing rebates can be fraught with challenges, from complex calculations to regulatory compliance and partner relations. This is where pricing software comes into play, offering robust solutions that transform the rebate management landscape. Automating Rebate Calculation and…

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    In recent years, the topic of pricing has dominated headlines like never before, driven by significant attention as both consumers and businesses navigate the challenges of rising inflation. Supermarkets, in particular, have been at the forefront of these discussions, becoming synonymous with the ongoing debates surrounding pricing strategies. For many, a trip to the supermarket…

  • The Pricing Value Chain

    Reading time: 3 mins

    One of the biggest challenges our customers face when it comes to enhancing their pricing capabilities is finding the right solution for their needs. The pricing tech landscape is complicated and confusing, which isn’t just a source of frustration it can lead to inaction or investment in the wrong areas, which no business can afford. …

  • How Distributors Can Defend Against Inflationary Impacts

    Reading time: 2 mins

    Inflation may be coming down, but many businesses are continuing to grapple with the aftermath of elevated costs and supply chain disruptions experienced over the last couple of years. Profitability remains a significant challenge across various sectors with distributors struggling to keep up, demonstrating the continued importance of pricing. Fine-tuning pricing strategies There is a…