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PBS Software Americas, Inc

PBS Software Americas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PBS Software GmbH, an industry-leading provider of SAP ILM (Information LifeCycle Management), data management, and data archiving solutions for SAP customers world-wide.

PBS Software Americas was incorporated to bring new synergies in delivering support as well as services, consulting, and product license sales through direct relationships with SAP users in North America.

PBS Software is a leading provider of add-on software for SAP solutions in the areas of data archiving, extraction and storage as well as system decommissioning. For twenty years PBS has been considered as an expert for complex, integrated data accesses to archived data in SAP applications.

Featured Solutions

  • Prepare the Future, Keep the Past!

    PBS solutions are continuously developed and enhanced, and are closely aligned with SAP standards. As a result, all of our software products are a safe investment and integrates into existing SAP landscapes quickly and easily. PBS software is thoroughly compliant with SAP standards, which means it can be deployed effectively without additional user training. PBS solutions are certified by SAP.

  • Taming the Data Monster: How to control data growth and prepare for S/4HANA.

    With the well-proven PBS products, you can improve your SAP system resources significantly, minimize TCO, and avoid system bottlenecks. Many well-known global brands are using PBS software successfully in the area of SAP data archiving, information lifecycle management, nearline storage (NLS) and compliant data storage. Additionally, PBS offers solutions to meet audit requirements and SAP system decommissioning.

Featured Content

  • Display & Analyze ERP Legacy Data in S/4HANA

    With PBS NAA, we present a completely new concept for keeping ERP data accessible despite the change to S/4HANA, while at the same time saving licensing and operating costs. Business correlations remain and can be evaluated in S/4 via transactions, queries or reports.

  • Easier Migration to S/4HANA

    Successful migrations to SAP S/4HANA call for well-though-out data management that minimizes the time needed for technical migration while supporting smooth, trouble-free transfer of all relevant ERP data. This is where PBS archive add ons, combined with SAP data archiving, contribute significantly to minimizing costs by ensuring seamless access to archived application data in both the ERP and SAP S/4HANA environment. Thanks to archiving, there’s nothing stopping data volume from being drastically reduced.

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Articles / Case Studies / Videos

  • Real-Time Access to Archived Data for Effective Business Operations with PBS

    Reading time: 2 mins

    Many organizations adopt SAP data archiving to improve transaction response times and reduce IT costs, but fears of losing access to essential data can impede these projects. Ensuring real-time access to vital archived data is crucial for decision-making and operational efficiency. To effectively leverage SAP systems and enhance data accessibility, organizations must focus on four…

  • Case Study: Keeping Legacy Data Safe (REWE Group, an Internationally Active Trading Group)

    Reading time: 2 mins

    In order to avoid duplicate structures and reduce costs, the SAP system of Supermarkets North, which was taken over into the Group, was no longer to be operated productively. In contrast to the current, operational data, the legacy data was not to be transferred to the REWE SAP system. REWE was nevertheless faced with the…