SecurityBridge Acquires Protect4S to arm its SAP systems

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  1. SecurityBridge

    SecurityBridge Acquires Protect4S to arm its SAP systems

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    SecurityBridge has acquired Dutch SAP security specialist Protect4S to improve SAP customers’ security position.
  2. SecurityBridge Dashboard Unveiled

    SecurityBridge announced the introduction of its SAP Management Dashboard, an integrated application for its SAP Security Platform that provides real-time, customizable views and analyses of all SAP data through a single pane of glass.
  3. How Global Pharmaceutical Company Sanofi Overhauled Its SAP Security

    Facing a marked increase in cyberattacks and a complex IT and regulatory environment, multinational drug company Sanofi resolved to revamp its SAP cybersecurity infrastructure. The goal was to better detect attacks, protect mission-critical applications, streamline software deployment, and monitor security in real-time. This was no easy task as Sanofi has many different SAP platforms and…
  4. The Principles for SAP Security-By-Design

    SAP customers running comprehensive technology stacks are exploring security-by-design, an approach that begins with building security measures into software systems from the start.
  5. SAP Authorization Vulnerability

    While it’s challenging for organizations to keep up with the publication of SAP security notes for the extensive product portfolios, ABAP development teams do check for these types of vulnerabilities using analyzer tools on the market that offer essential functions for this purpose, which are constantly available throughout the development process.