Key Considerations for Managing Complex Application Landscapes with SAP Integration Suite

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  1. SAP’s Integration Solution Advisory Methodology (ISA-M) for the Intelligent Enterprise

    SAP’s Integration Solution Advisory Methodology (ISA-M) for the Intelligent Enterprise

    Reading time: 17 mins

    by Matthias Allgaier, SAP SE A solid integration strategy is crucial for providing the flexibility and agility organizations require to meet rapidly changing business needs. When building this strategy, enterprise architects must take into account a variety of pervasive integration requirements. For example, leveraging intelligent technologies to advance business outcomes — becoming an Intelligent Enterprise,…
  2. Future-Proof Your Integration Strategy with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

    Technical Guide: Transitioning to SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

    Reading time: 15 mins

    Seamless integration across applications and systems — whether they are SAP, non-SAP, on-premise, cloud, or hyperscaler systems — enable organizations to digitalize their end-to-end processes and make the enterprise more connected and intelligent. Forward-thinking organizations are taking a holistic and strategic approach to their enterprise integration initiatives as they pursue digital transformation, embracing the agility…
  3. Integration image

    The Rise of Integration as a Strategic Imperative

    Reading time: 11 mins

    A successful business case for integration hinges on a company’s ability to start viewing it as a strategic imperative at the heart of digital transformation, which will not just save costs but generate revenue. This article uncovers what is driving the increased focus on integration today. It also shares and details some guiding principles SAP…
  4. SAP and SuccessFactors – An Overview

    Reading time: 70 mins

    In this exclusive in-depth report, learn about SuccessFactors and what the acquisition means for SAP ERP HCM and your business. Get a detailed, comprehensive overview of SuccessFactors, SAP’s strategy, the future of SAP ERP HCM, and how the acquisition of SuccessFactors affects your business. It aims to dispel any myths or confusion around SuccessFactors and…...…
  5. Developing Adapters for SAP HANA Cloud Integration Using the Adapter Development Kit

    Reading time: 25 mins

    See how to use the Adapter Development Kit (ADK) to develop new adapters for SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI). You apply the ADK to build a connector to content management systems adhering to the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard. You can then use the new adapter to move documents from and to different…...…
  6. Leveraging SAP HANA Cloud Integration

    Reading time: 15 mins

    See how to use SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI) including SAP’s predefined integration content. You can configure and run a cloud integration scenario in just a few steps. Key Concept SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) is an integration platform that provides the key capabilities that an enterprise integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) typically…...…
  7. Simplifying Integration with SAP’s Integration Solution Advisory Methodology

    Reading time: 6 mins

    SAP follows a comprehensive integration principle, which includes the Integration Solution Advisory Methodology (ISA-M) to assist enterprise architects in defining and documenting their integration strategy. ISA-M comprises a collection of integration use case patterns that are not tied to any specific technology and can be mapped to integration technologies according to each customer’s context. This…
  8. Learn All About SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll: Integrations, Technology, and Implementations

    Reading time: 16 mins

    Gain an overview of the benefits—and any potential drawbacks—of making the transition from SAP and non-SAP payroll platforms to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll. Key Concept In addition to using SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central as their core HR platform, companies are now faced with the decision of whether to switch to Employee Central Payroll as…...…
  9. What You Need to Know About MDM-Portal Integration

    Reading time: 31 mins

    Explore the four methods—MDM Business Package, MDM Web Dynpro Configurator, MDM Web Services, and MDM Java API—from which you can choose to integrate SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (SAP NetWeaver MDM) and SAP NetWeaver Portal. Learn how and when to implement the integration method that best addresses your business structure, and then take that integration…...…
  10. Why migrate to SAP Cloud Platform Integration?

    Reading time: 4 mins

    The deadline for ending mainstream maintenance SAP Process Orchestration to 2027 and 2030 means that businesses need to migrate to SAP Cloud Platform Integration. SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, a modular integration platform-as-a-service enables seamless integration across applications and systems, whether they are SAP, non-SAP, on-premise, cloud, or hyperscale. In this article, learn about the migration…