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Rizing enables businesses to achieve a truly intelligent enterprise. We do this for Human Capital Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Consumer Industries, and Geospatial solutions with leading SAP technologies, our own solutions, and our own deep industry experience.
Rizing provides services and our proprietary apps leveraging the SAP Business Technology Platform to Fortune 500 and small/medium enterprises.

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  • Navigating the Future of Grocery Retail

    Hear from Kristin Howell from SAP as we walk through the emerging trends and challenges that are shaping the future of grocery retail. Our discussion delves into various aspects, including the impact of COVID-19, the need to improve in-store experiences, omni-channel fulfillment strategies, financial challenges, and the importance of purpose-driven retailing.
  • Global Retailer Harmonized its Retail Process with SAP S/4HANA

    Listen to real-world use cases on how SAP S/4HANA Fashion helped our global retail customer in this webcast featuring Andrei Patrulescu – Customer Engagement Manager at Rizing CI.
  • SAP S/4HANA Migration Discovery

    Reading time: 1 min

    The decision to migrate to SAP S/4HANA cannot be made in a vacuum and the business must be on-board to produce a successful outcome. When buying a home, the decision is not typically made on a whim. There are significant financial and personal elements involved in the decision. Questions surface that include loan and lifestyle…
  • Waterfall vs Agile – Why you shouldn’t choose

    This blog will discuss when you should embrace each methodology, and how a hybrid approach effectively supports key project goals (time, scope, cost and quality).
  • Rizing LifeCycle Pricing

    Rizing LifeCycle Pricing is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool built to pre-integrate into your SAP environment. LCP reads SAP master data, TLOG, price, cost, competitor, inventory, and order data and presents the information in a consolidated, simple, and user-friendly interface enabling merchants to easily review important data, set pricing plans, execute price changes, and review the…
  • True Frictionless Retail Begins With Digital ERP

    Consumers don’t shop like they used to. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced changes in consumers’ buying habits and those habits are likely to endure. As a result, it’s no surprise that e-commerce has soared in the past two years. However, consumers aren’t exclusively shopping via digital channels — they are also shopping in stores.
  • Blog: Grocery Retailers – Is Your ERP Capable of Supporting Your Supply Chain Strategy?

  • Attune Fashion Suite™

    Accelerated implementations of SAP S/4HANA® for Fashion and Vertical Business.
  • Carhartt Implements SAP S/4HANA Fashion to Support Customer Demand

    Reading time: 1 min

    Case Study: Carhartt used Rizing’s preconfigured solution for SAP S/4HANA Fashion – attune Fashion Suite™ – to accelerate the implementation and migration of their retail business to the new platform.