Enhancing HR Processes with the Help of SAP SuccessFactors Expertise

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  1. Starting Small with HR Transformation

    Budget is a major roadblock to HR transformation at many organizations. We take a look at SAPinsider research for clues on how to navigate that challenge. This content is for Basic Access members only.Log In Join Now

  2. SAP SuccessFactors Customers Share HR Transformation Stories at SAPPHIRE NOW

    Crocs, Microsoft, Grupo Perez, and Royal Mail Group discussed their efforts to improve employee experience through HR process and technology change during the SAPPHIRE NOW HR Keynote.

  3. Elevating HR to New Heights in the Cloud

    As companies continue to digitize their operations to adapt to a new business reality, there is one area in particular that is poised to reap significant rewards — HR. Digitized HR has the potential to not only streamline processes, but also boost employee satisfaction, increase retention, and attract new talent. For many SAP customers, digitizing…...…

  4. AusNet Collabs with IBM Consulting to Implement SAP SuccessFactors for HR Transformation

    AusNet aims for an HR transformation of ten-months using SAP SuccessFactors with the help of IBM Consulting.

  5. Migrate Your SAP BW 3.x Data Flow to Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0’s New Features and Functionalities

    When you upgrade from SAP BW 3.x to SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0, the data flow doesn’t automatically migrate with the system. Find out how to migrate your DataSources, transformations, and Web templates to the new format. Key Concept A transformation is a new SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 structure or vehicle that moves data from the…...…

  6. HR Transformation Journey at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre with SAP SuccessFactors

    Discover the HR transformation journey undertaken by Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, as they share their step-by-step approach to implementing SAP SuccessFactors across multiple solutions. Learn about the shift from manual to digital systems, establishing a single source of truth, and the automation of key HR processes. Explore how manager and employee self-service enablement enhances efficiency…

  7. Navigating SAP SuccessFactors Staffing For Your HR Transformation

    SAP SuccessFactors staffing for HXM projects may be a challenge as the market rebounds to pre-pandemic levels. How can companies ensure they are getting the best implementation services?

  8. HR Transformation Enabled By SuccessFactors

    A leading global insurance company faced critical business challenges due to limited functionality and poor processes in their HR transformation program enabled by SuccessFactors. HCL Technologies was engaged to roll out SAP SuccessFactors modules globally and address these issues. By analyzing the existing system, proposing improvements, and leveraging SAP SuccessFactors, HCL successfully standardized processes, reduced…

  9. Improve and Simplify Your Transformations by Using ABAP Objects

    Learn how to use ABAP Objects to improve your business code within transformations. This leads to reduced costs, accelerated delivery, and increased quality. Key Concept ABAP Objects is an object-oriented programming extension of the ABAP language. It can be used to simplify applications and make them easier to develop. Most, if not all, new functionality…...…

  10. Managing Data with SAP Data Replication and Transformation Tools

    Data and solution integration is becoming one of the most important aspects in enterprise architecture. Learn about the functionalities provided by SAP data replication and transformation solutions and their proper use. Key Concept Modern business solutions often run in a complex enterprise landscape that requires extensive use of data replication and transformation functionality. Tools such…...…