"The User is still the Weakest Link in the Security Chain"

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  1. How to Build a Strong Security and Compliance Foundation for Your SAP Landscape

    While most successful cyberattacks are carried out on a company’s application layer, many security departments see the SAP application layer as a “black box,” and its security as the responsibility of their Basis or SAP application colleagues or of a service provider, making the security of this layer a blind spot within many organizations. Compounding…
  2. Creating a cybersecurity risks dashboard in the SAP Analytics Cloud

    When it comes to securing SAP S/4HANA business applications, organizations tend to face three key challenges:  1. How to enable the application security team to prioritize the necessary cybersecurity actions 2. How to give the CISO insight into application security risk activities 3. How to bridge the gap between the problems faced by the CISO…
  3. Requirements for Securing Cloud-Based Systems

    As organizations accelerate the move of enterprise applications and data into cloud-based and cloud-resident systems, it’s extremely important to ensure that security is in place early to avoid having to backtrack and address these issues. Whether systems are running in Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service environments, each deployment offers unique security challenges. This track will help…
  4. The Security and Compliance Landscape for SAP Systems

    The rapid shift to remote working has made every employee their own security perimeter, something that has been already a challenge for organizations dealing with a workforce increasingly using mobile solutions. Those running SAP solutions need to enhance security to secure this more distributed work force, as well as addressing rapidly changing employee responsibilities which…
  5. A Dose of AI Could Be the Cure for Hospital Data Center Cyberattacks

    Machine learning can help protect electronic health records from hackers. This content is for SAPinsider Preferred Access Yearly, SAPinsider Preferred Access Monthly, SAPinsider Premium Access , and SAPinsider Student Access members only.Log In Join Now
  6. Onapsis Debuts New AI to Boost S/4HANA, RISE and BTP Security

    Onapsis unveils new enhancements to its AI-driven Security Advisor and Broader Platform to advance greater SAP visibility.
  7. How to Protect Your Data from Today’s Biggest Cybersecurity Threats: Q&A on Managing Security in Your SAP Landscape

    Modern enterprises are facing a perfect storm of increasingly sophisticated technology, changing regulations, and cybersecurity attacks that are rapidly growing in their scale, scope, and speed. In today’s technology landscape, cloud and mobile connectivity to SAP systems demand more than just network firewalls and perimeters to effectively protect your applications, and auditors and compliance managers…...…
  8. Cybersecurity sessions

    “The User is still the Weakest Link in the Security Chain”

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    Cybersecurity encompasses a wide range of areas, including endpoint and network security, and application layer security. A comprehensive understanding of these aspects is essential for organizations to protect themselves. SAP holds a unique advantage in this realm, as it possesses deep understanding of its own applications and business frameworks across various industries. SAP has created…
  9. Zero Trust in SAP Systems

    What’s driving more SAP customers to adopt cloud security solutions? The number one driver for organizations was the “Need to protect access to sensitive and confidential data.,” according to SAPinsider’s Securing the SAP Landscape Against Cyber Threats Benchmark Report. Tracking and securing data as it moves across an organization’s SAP landscape is a common challenge…
  10. Fortinet has Released its Global Threat Landscape Report and Unveiled FortiGate 90G

    The report highlights key findings from the first half of 2023, revealing shifts in cyber-threat trends.