Sasol Chose bioLock to Protect their SAP Financials

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Protect ANY SAP transaction or function inside SAP’s ABAP code with unlimited granular Zero Trust security checkpoints

⇨ Choose from different MFA options like Fingerprint, Palm Vein, Nymi Band, Window Hello Face Recognition, Smart Cards etc. to reauthenticate the checkpoint

⇨ Ensure only specifically invited users have access to sensitive SAP functions or data. Unless invited, users are ALWAYS rejected to enforce Zero Trust

Sasol, a South African chemical and energy company, updated its SAP payment processes with bioLock, a software solution that secures access via biometric authentication. This process was implemented at Sasol by Linx/AS Africa.

With bioLock, product benefits include the ability to be configured in a way that protects fields and functions in the SAP system, only granting access to particular people and functions. The latest bioLock MFA4SAP fraud prevention, compliance, and accountability solution will protect any function inside SAP with multiple authentication factors (MFA), including biometrics.

“SAP GRC Software does a great job of defining bank payment amounts that authorized approvers must confirm. Now the GRC’s capabilities stop when the approver uses somebody else’s password to approve the payment via SAP Digital Signature,” explains Lungile Mginqi, group CIO at Sasol and a board member of the Africa SAP User Group.

The addition of bioLock as a second biometric factor gives Sasol the peace of mind to guarantee that only the intended SAP user, beyond any reasonable doubt, can confirm payment.

How It Works

The bioLock MFA process kicks in when an authorized user, having logged into the system initially with their username and password, wants to release a payment. The user is then required to confirm the SAP password sign-off with their fingerprint (the second biometric factor) to make sure the person is who they claim to be. Using biometrics makes the authorization process fast, convenient, and more secure. To make changes in the GRC process, two people are required to authenticate it.

The system monitors all activity and can alert management instantly if any anomalies in the process are discovered. In addition, all activities are logged to hold the appropriate people responsible.

For more information and an online simulation of bioLock in action, go to or visit

This article with written by Andrew Seldon with Technews Publishing in collaboration with Thomas Neudenberger, Chief Operating Officer of realtime North America Inc.

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