Event Blog- Securing your SAP Landscape

Event Blog- Securing your SAP Landscape

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These resources are brought to you by SAPinsider’s Securing your SAP Landscape virtual summit. Join us for live sessions, discussions, and interactive roundtables on August 11th, beginning at 10 AM EST. Click here for more details.


A Holistic Approach to Managing Cybersecurity & Protecting Your Data

Author: Annie Kennedy

How to Build a Strong Security and Compliance Foundation for Your SAP Landscape

Author: Martin Miller

The Power of Prevention

Author: Aditi Kulkarni


Cybersecurity and Data Protection: Taking an Integrated Approach

Author: Fred Donovan

Shift to Remote Work Underscores Need for a Robust Identity and Access Management Program

Author: Fred Donovan

Research Reports:

Securing the SAP Landscape Against Cyber Threats Benchmark Report

Governance Risk and Compliance: State of the Market 2021 Benchmark Report

On-Demand Videos:

Expert Q&A: The Importance of Integrating Cybersecurity and Enterprise Risk Management

Speakers: Fred Donovan and Gabriele Fiata

Video Q&A: Brian Tremblay Discusses Compliance and Risk Strategies Everyone Should Know

Speakers: Annie Kennedy and Brian Tremblay

Additional Information:

Digital assets and networks are more valuable than ever. It is crucial that SAP systems are secured against ongoing cyber threats. Many companies see cybersecurity as a business issue with huge implications. Some contributing factors include moving into more enterprise systems in the cloud, a remote workforce and SAP systems containing critical business, financial, and employee information.

After attending this virtual summit, you will understand the tools and procedures available to help secure your SAP systems, the steps that you should be taking, and what you should think about in implementing security. You will hear from experts and customers about their best cybersecurity practices.

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