How Global Pharmaceutical Company Sanofi Overhauled Its SAP Security

How Global Pharmaceutical Company Sanofi Overhauled Its SAP Security

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Facing a marked increase in cyberattacks and a complex IT and regulatory environment, multinational drug company Sanofi resolved to revamp its SAP cybersecurity infrastructure. The goal was to better detect attacks, protect mission-critical applications, streamline software deployment, and monitor security in real-time. This was no easy task as Sanofi has many different SAP platforms and versions running at the same time.

Sanofi determined that it needed a holistic security approach that supported application security, analyzed systems security in a central location, and automated the security process. After reviewing requests for proposals, the drug firm selected SecurityBridge to undertake the massive security overhaul. SecurityBridge faced the challenge of connecting Sanofi’s many systems to the vendor’s platform and ensuring compliance with strict EU and U.S. data security regulations.

The SecurityBridge platform provided Sanofi with event-based monitoring, a patch management tool, and a single pane of glass for all its security areas. The platform offers “many powerful tools that are very useful for us, and we’re spending so much less time to get information,” said Stéphane Peteytas, Head of SAP Cybersecurity at Sanofi. So far, Sanofi has connected more than 300 systems to the platform and is on track to connect the remaining 200-plus systems.

Read this article and learn:

How Sanofi centralized and automated its cybersecurity processes in a complex IT and regulatory environment.

How SecurityBridge’s platform gave Sanofi a single pane of security glass to thwart attackers and comply with standards.

The important of providing security teams a unified view of a company’s cybersecurity and compliance environment.

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