10 Things You’ll Learn by Attending SAPinsider’s Virtual Conference Experience

10 Things You’ll Learn by Attending SAPinsider’s Virtual Conference Experience

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Join us online August 18-21 for SAPinsider’s 2020 Virtual Conference Experience, where you can safely experience the world’s most trusted event for business and technology leaders and professionals who rely on SAP.

From insight to action, attendees will learn strategies to help maximize SAP technology investments. When you attend, you’ll be able to connect with the world’s most trusted community of SAP thought leaders, product experts, and like-minded peers to learn about the latest insights to best optimize SAP and leverage the emergence of intelligent technologies.

Here are 10 things you’ll hear, learn, and experience when you join us online:

#1: How to prepare for and deploy SAP S/4HANA. Our agenda covers this transformative update from multiple angles, including how to build your business case and how SAP S/4HANA impacts core business processes; ways to integrate SAP S/4HANA to enable and facilitate business transformation; how to prepare for and migrate critical data; and best practices for assessing and making important deployment decisions.

#2: Ways to forge ahead in a post-COVID world. Most recently, the dramatic challenges of the global pandemic have intensified both the benefits and the ongoing need for large-scale business transformations. Hear leading Chief Information Officers share their insights on topics such as what impact the COVID-19 crisis is having on their SAP S/4HANA deployment; what it takes organizationally to move complex new technologies to the cloud; why IT leaders must continue to drive a change-oriented mindset to challenge entrenched company cultures; and what mix of IT skills and business fundamentals are most critical to future enterprise success.

#3: Characteristics that allow businesses to reinvent themselves during times of disruption. Businesses can either look at economic disruption as a challenge or an opportunity. Join an interactive discussion with Thomas Bamberger, President Customer Engagement and Experience at SAP, as he shares insights from his discussions and work with SAP organizations about how to prosper during turbulent business conditions.

#4: Insights that will help you make better business decisions. Many of the 200+ sessions on our agenda are case studies that provide insights into how a particular business solved a challenge using an SAP solution. Although each business experiences its own unique scenarios, the challenges tend to be the same across the board: The need for increased transparency, efficiency, and predictability, less redundancy, accurate data, change management, and minimized complexity and performance errors.

#5: How to manage and execute financial accounting and planning processes. Trending right now in the financial space is a desire for more automation, streamlined processes, and digital transformation. These endeavors reflect a shift toward predictive analytics, which could change the way people in finance work and their impact on a business. Our finance sessions address this trend and explain how SAP technologies are being used for process improvements that can affect both daily operations as well as larger business objectives for outcomes that inform the future.

#6: Ways to leverage advanced analytics and intelligent technologies for innovation. Analytics and business intelligence are important new territory for many SAP customers, especially those looking to derive more value from their growing data repositories. In our BI & Analytics track you’ll learn how the experts are traversing these emerging technologies, with multiple sessions around SAP BusinessObjects, the Intelligent Enterprise, and SAP Analytics Cloud.

#7: Diverse perspectives in SAP and tech. During our opening keynote session, you will hear from five women in SAP and technology, including representatives from SAP, Merck, Outsell, and MARS, on the important topics of diversity and inclusion.

#8: How to build an integrated compliance strategy. Every business faces compliance challenges and needs. Receive expert advice during our GRC track on how to adapt your approach to risk management during economic disruption, ways to maximize investments in current GRC access and process control, how to integrate your individual compliance initiatives more successfully, and how to protect critical assets as they move to SAP S/4HANA and the cloud.

#9: Insights on managing and securing your business and enterprise technology landscape. SAP systems contain valuable data and the breadth and connectivity that they have makes them desirable targets, which has resulted in a rising number of cyber security breaches of these systems. During our cyber security track you’ll learn strategies to protect your SAP system and meet compliance as well as minimize the risk of catastrophic data breech.

#10: Best practices for achieving optimal landscape and performance management. Don’t miss our admin, infrastructure & platform sessions, which provide an in-depth exploration of the latest trends, biggest challenges, customer case studies, and best practices for achieving optimal landscape and performance management as well as Cloud and HANA administration.

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