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Delego Software

First founded in 1997 as an SAP consulting business, Delego has evolved into one of the largest providers of SAP-integrated payments. An SAP Software Partner since 2000, Delego was the first to receive the SAP certification as a payments solution. Today, we help the world’s leading companies expand their e-payment capabilities, seamlessly integrating and securing their payments ecosystem with SAP using our flexible and tailored solutions. Our secure cloud, proprietary tokenization and Point-to-Point Encryption solutions ensure our customers’​ payment data is secure while minimizing their PCI compliance efforts.

Featured Solutions

  • Electronic Payment Processing

    Process credit card and ACH/eCheck payments directly from within your SAP system.

  • Customer Payment Portal

    Speed up your collection process and reduce the time and cost spent managing, tracking and collecting unpaid invoices by providing your customers with a convenient, cloud-based, self-service portal to view and pay their invoices.

Featured Content

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Articles / Case Studies / Videos

  • SAPinsider Buyers Guide: Finance Management

    Reading time: 1 mins

    Businesses are constantly searching for upgrades to their financial systems to improve their bottom line and promote innovation. The economy is rapidly changing, and organizations are beginning to realize that financial transformation is an essential step they must take in order to remain competitive and innovate. Additionally, with finance leaders now embracing more strategic roles…

  • Webinar: Financial Close Transformation 2023

    Financial close processes are undergoing significant transformation, driven by the need for efficiency and accuracy in today’s dynamic business environment. The report reveals a trend towards automation and digitalization, with a focus on overcoming challenges posed by manual methods. Intercompany accounting emerges as a key concern, exacerbated by complexities in global business structures. SAP S/4HANA…

  • image of paid invoices

    Motivating Your Customers To Pay On Time

    Reading time: 1 mins

    It’s one thing to get customers to sign off on invoices, but an entirely new challenge can arise when it is time for them to make payment. Some customers might be holding off on payment so that they can keep liquid capital in their hands as long as possible . . . but others might…

  • Delego’s Five Steps To Get Customers To Pay Invoices on Time

    Reading time: 2 mins

    No matter how well-orchestrated an accounts receivable process is, sometimes customers will simply fail to finalize payments. Some customers may want to hold onto liquid capital as long as possible, others may have overworked finance teams who forget or misplace invoices, while some may just consider making payments a low priority. Without the risk of…