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Key Takeaways

⇨ Delego PayCenter accelerates collection cycles and reduces costs by offering a real-time, cloud-based, self-service portal for customers to view and pay invoices.

⇨ Unlike other EIPP systems, Delego PayCenter uses proprietary SAP integration for real-time data synchronization, enhancing customer experience without increasing PCI compliance burdens.

⇨ The platform supports a broad range of digital and alternative payment methods, integrates with over 50 processing platforms, and offers rich functionality including Single Sign-On (SSO) and comprehensive user management.

Accelerate your collection cycles and reduce the time and cost spent managing, tracking and collecting unpaid invoices by providing your customers with a convenient, cloud-based, self-service portal to view and pay their invoices and access their transaction history with Delego PayCenter.

Unlike other Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) systems that synchronize to your SAP system with a series of file uploads and downloads, Delego PayCenter utilizes our proprietary SAP integration to present and update customer account data in real-time.


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