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The number of solutions available from SAP and their broader partner ecosystem is more than most SAPinsiders have the time to learn about or understand, let alone implement. To help provide the information you need on why the topics that these solutions address are important, SAPinsider’s skilled team of analysts and editors interview organizations to learn more about the solutions they offer and the business challenges they address. These articles explain current trends around these topics, how vendors are addressing them, and what you can do to prepare your own organization.

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  1. How SAP Customers are Accelerating ROI in the Cloud image

    How SAP Customers are Accelerating ROI and Innovation in the Cloud

    Reading time: 5 mins

    Over the last few years, SAP customers are migrating more and more business processes and data to the cloud. This transition requires that companies navigate some critical decision points and add specific skills and experience to their arsenal. In this interview with Frank Powell, President, Managecore we discuss some of the reasons why SAP customers…
  2. Define Your Business Case and Deployment Strategy for SAP S/4HANA image

    Putting the Pieces Together

    Reading time: 5 mins

    While the deadline for organizations to migrate to SAP S/4HANA is not until 2027, many SAP customers have already migrated or plan to migrate in the coming years. According to SAPinsider research the uptick in activity is driven by several factors including the need to reengineer business processes and address poor configurations as well as…
  3. Vertex Talks VAT and Chain Flow Accelerator image

    Vertex Talks VAT and Chain Flow Accelerator

    Reading time: 2 mins

    By: Rizal Ahmed, Chief Research Officer, and Ogo Nwanyanwu, Research Director, Financial Management & Technology   Growing e-filing requirements and VAT regulation updates continue to elevate the cost burden and risk quotient associated with indirect tax management.  Organizations navigating international trade activity in the current environment, are seeing new regulations and tax guidelines create supply chain…
  4. Supply Chain Sustainability

    Supply Chain Sustainability with Elise Caves

    Reading time: 1 min

    ESG has also become more prevalent as the formal frameworks for ESG have advanced. Over the past few years, some of the most prominent standard setters have issued guidance to help companies implement and compare their ESG efforts against the industry benchmark. New and innovative products have been launched that have helped accelerate adoption in…
  5. Vertex Talks VAT and Chain Flow Accelerator image

    Reduce E-Filing Complexity with Intelligent VAT-related Data Mapping

    Reading time: 6 mins

    by Ogo Nwanyanwu, Research Director, SAPinsider Extending Indirect Tax functionality in SAP ERP tax systems Government efforts to curtail tax avoidance and fraud are driving continuous change in tax law and regulation.  Decision makers at these organizations face increasing cost burden and compliance risks due to these challenges. Frequent tax authority content updates and real-time…...…
  6. Building Teams image

    Leveraging Data Connection Gateways to Harness Full Value from Analytics Investments

    Reading time: 7 mins

    By Kumar Singh, Research Director, Automation & Analytics, SAPinsider   The critical role of analytics in digital transformation Organizations today are rapidly evolving into mathematical corporations, driven by analytics and technology. Fueled by an explosion in data, they are making strategic as well as day-to-day decisions based on insights generated by this data. Hence, it…
  7. Video Q&A with Roy Duffin, Managing Director, Accenture

    Reading time: 1 min

    By Rizal Ahmed, Chief Research Officer, and Ogo Nwanyanwu, Research Director, Financial Management & Technology  All over the world, the COVID-19 pandemic remains a catalyst for persistent operational dislocation, meaning the threat of economic disruption is still just around the corner.  For organizations managing complex supply chains and engaging in multi-channel sales across borders, the current…...…
  8. Simplifying digital transformations SAP S4HANA image

    Simplifying Digital Transformations

    Reading time: 4 mins

    By Ogo Nwanyanwu, Research Director, Finance & Financial Automation Potential “Analysis Paralysis” Slowing Digital Transformation Strategy  Many organizations still operate elaborate technology landscapes built on legacy systems supported by outdated deployment strategies. Concurrently, both finance and IT professionals, want to avoid lengthy innovation roadmaps, prior to realizing ROI on technology investments. Decision-makers at these organizations,…...…
  9. Addressing Data Management Challenges for Data Intense Processes in SAP Ecosystem

    Reading time: 6 mins

    By Kumar Singh, Research Director, Automation & Analytics, SAPinsider Integrated challenge of process and data management A key challenge that organizations operating in complex technology ecosystems like SAP face is managing their business processes seamlessly and efficiently. From  a systems perspective, business processes within an ERP system span across several modules and hundreds of tables…....…
  10. Leveraging Technology to Address Automotive Industry Challenges

    Reading time: 5 mins

    By Kumar Singh, Research Director, Automation & Analytics, SAPinsider Automotive- An industry prone to challenges The automotive industry is one of the most prominent industries in the world of manufacturing. Cassia and Matteo quote in their bestselling book “The Economics of Cars”: “The history of the manufacturing industry and the history of the automotive industry…