How SAP Customers are Accelerating ROI and Innovation in the Cloud

How SAP Customers are Accelerating ROI and Innovation in the Cloud

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Over the last few years, SAP customers are migrating more and more business processes and data to the cloud. This transition requires that companies navigate some critical decision points and add specific skills and experience to their arsenal. In this interview with Frank Powell, President, Managecore we discuss some of the reasons why SAP customers are moving to the cloud and what benefits and challenges they face.

By moving to the cloud, SAP customers want to first address their pressing business concerns, such as cost containment and performance then are able to focus on further modernization. We look at how customers are taking a gradual approach to cloud and what lessons they have learned on their journey.

For many the move to a hyperscaler has proven to be economical as well as speeding their time to innovation. But you need to have a firm grasp on cloud economics so that you do not have to manage runaway costs. Read this article to learn more as you make your own path to the cloud.

Key Takeaways

• Hyperscalers provide the best bang for the buck by reducing costs, increasing flexibility, enabling innovations, and turbo-charging SAP performance.
• Companies moving to hyperscaler cloud providers are seeing savings of 25% to 30% in monthly operational support costs with accompanied performance increases of six to eight times faster than on-premise systems.
• When moving to the cloud, firms should make sure that costs are managed, and security is robust.

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