Transforming CS Energy’s Business, People, and the Energy Market using SAP SuccessFactors

Meet the Experts

  • Laura Burge

    Principal Organisational Capability Advisor at CS Energy

Key Takeaways

⇨ How to utilize SAP SuccessFactors to inform your people strategy and decisions

⇨ Understanding employee growth needs and career pathways

⇨ Adapting to technology and what that means for the skills of your people

The last few years for the energy industry have been categorized as a period of accelerated transformation, due to the changing energy market and the transition to 70% renewables by 2032. Accordingly, the composition of CS Energy’s workforce is also changing. Underpinned by the SAP SuccessFactors, Talent, Succession, Performance, Learning, Reporting, and Recruitment modules, CS Energy will start to shape a Strategic Workforce Plan and Capability Framework that will allow them to transform their people and their business.

Laura shares how CS Energy is talent mapping, identifying critical roles, succession planning and developed skills and capabilities in the workforce.

Read the presentation here.

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