Delivery Hero’s Internal Audit Function Delivers an Amazing Stakeholder Experience

Delivery Hero’s Internal Audit Function Delivers an Amazing Stakeholder Experience

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If your organization is dispersed throughout the globe, you may face similar auditing challenges as Delivery Hero, a €2.8 billion firm that operates local online food ordering and delivery services in more than 50 countries. Delivery Hero decided to overhaul its internal audit (IA) function to align it with strategic objectives better to meet global regulatory requirements.

According to Larry Herzog Butler, Head of Internal Audit at Delivery Hero, “My vision is for us to be the IA team of the future by adding value through audits and capture the attention of stakeholders including C-level, management teams, and the board.” Herzog Butler created IA centers of excellence to promote stakeholder engagement, focusing on automation and analytics to identify critical risks. “Without a doubt, the number one risk facing our business is cyberattack,” he observed. Cybersecurity is part of every audit the company undertakes, regardless of audit type.

Herzog Butler also set up “hero” IA hubs in five international locations to support hyper-localization and improve collaboration with local partners. This year, the IA team plans to open two more hero hubs. Using automation, the IA team has reduced costs while improving productivity and value to the company. Implementing a phased approach to intelligent and automated audit management and continuous auditing provide greater assurance in highly regulated markets. The company has relied on SAP Audit Management and SAP GRC suite to carry out its IA overhaul and is now looking to add SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Digital Boardroom, and AI technologies such as natural language processing for the next phase of its IA program.

Read this article and learn:

- How Delivery Hero employs technology and innovative structures to improve IA outcomes while reducing costs;
- What centers of excellence and IA hubs are and how they helped the company reach its diverse, global partners to boost IA efficiency and assurance;
- How to use automation and analytics to implement a risk-based approach to IA;
- Gain an understanding of the strategic value of audits in highly regulated markets.

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