How HanesBrands Future-Proofed with Enterprise Transformation

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⇨ At day two of SAPPHIRE, SAP Executive Board Member, Customer Success Scott Russell spoke with HanesBrands Global CIO Subra Goparaju about the value of a business transformation.

⇨ Data governance is a critical foundation for all data-driven decision-making processes.

⇨ Omni-channel inventory visibility helped HanesBrands make another step toward becoming future-proof.

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, organizations are constantly on the lookout for ways to stay competitive, relevant, and future-ready. Day two at SAPPHIRE, themed “The Nuts and Bolts of Future-Proofing,” kicked off with a keynote address hosted by SAP Executive Board Member, Customer Success Scott Russell. He spoke to multiple business leaders across different industries about the enterprise transformation journey with SAP as a partner.

The HanesBrands transformation story was of particular note, as HanesBrands Global CIO Subra Goparaju outlined the value of a business transformation powered by SAP S/4HANA, RISE with SAP, and SAP BTP. His conversation with Russell was a testament to the need for future-proofing your organization, highlighting how HanesBrands leveraged technology to revolutionize its operations and prepare for the future.

In this article, I will touch on many of the highlights from the conversation between Russell and Goparaju during the day two keynote session, offering valuable insights into HanesBrands’ transformative journey.

The Imperative of Data Governance

Data is the new oil in the digital age, and the way an organization manages this valuable resource can dictate its success or failure. Hanesbrands understood this was a critical foundation for all data-driven decision-making processes and took the initiative to map out a framework.

“We built a playbook, a governance structure ensuring that we have clean and consistent data across the company,” said Goparaju.

The Power of Real-Time Analytics

HanesBrands also leveraged the power of SAP Analytics Cloud to unlock the potential of real-time analytics, transforming the manner in which they comprehend and leverage their data. In the past, businesses often had to rely on outdated reports or cumbersome data mining processes to gain insights. Today, with real-time analytics, organizations can respond swiftly and decisively to market changes.

“We also have enabled real-time analytics in the Datasphere,” said Goparaju.

Enhancing Customer Experience through Omni-Channel Inventory Visibility

HanesBrands’ desire for omni-channel inventory visibility was another step toward becoming future-proof. With consumers increasingly expecting seamless experiences across all touchpoints, businesses must provide consistent, real-time information about their inventory.

“Having end-to-end inventory visibility is not only critical but paramount for offering better consumer experiences,” said Goparaju.

SAP CAR: A Critical Enabler

To achieve such omni-channel visibility, HanesBrands turned to SAP’s Customer Activity Repository (CAR). SAP CAR provides a unified view of customer activity, inventory, and sales from all channels, making it a critical enabler for successful omni-channel operations.

“SAP CAR customer activity repository provides that visibility across all channels,” said Goparaju.

Integrated Planning: Predictive Modeling Across Finance, Workforce, and Supply Chain

Integrated planning is a strategic move that enables organizations to meet rapid shifts in demand and supply within a complex and competitive marketplace. By leveraging predictive modeling across various facets of the organization such as finance, workforce, and supply chain, businesses can better anticipate changes, make informed decisions, and respond effectively to market dynamics.

Leveraging Rise with SAP for Future-Proofing Global Operations

When it comes to future-proofing global operations, HanesBrands decided on Rise with SAP to guide their enterprise transformation. Rise with SAP helped deliver to HanesBrands a scalable, secure, and highly available intelligent platform offering enhanced security, ensuring that the company’s “crown jewels” can run with minimal risk and disruptions.

“Our global platforms are on Rise with SAP, a highly scalable, available platform that enhances security,” said Goparaju.

The Importance of Seamless Integration

Finally, the company has established a global integration platform on SAP BTP, demonstrating an understanding of the importance of seamless integration in today’s interconnected business environment.

“The SAP BTP platform covers all types of integration patterns, whether it’s application to application integration, business to business integration or even data,” said Goparaju.

The Path Forward: Embracing Transformation

Overall, Goparaju’s excitement about the HanesBrands enterprise transformation journey was clear. More than just the adoption of modern technologies, it’s about the transformative business capabilities these tools enable and the value they unlock. This is what truly future-proofs an organization.

“I’m excited about the business capabilities that it will enable, the value that it unlocks…all this will truly help us to achieve our full potential,” said Goparaju.

With a partnership built on trust and mutual growth, HanesBrands partnership with SAP is a testament to the importance of aligning with the right technology providers to bolster the digital transformation journey.

As SAPinsiders can take cues from this narrative to future-proof their own operations. It’s evident that the company’s strategic approach to enterprise transformation goes beyond the implementation of technology for technology’s sake. It’s about harnessing the power of these tools to create sustainable and scalable business solutions.

“Thank you so much for the trust for the partnership, the willingness to go all in with SAP, and we look forward to helping your business become future-proof,” noted Russell.

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