Large Brazilian Renewable Energy Company Predicts the Wind

Large Brazilian Renewable Energy Company Predicts the Wind

Casa dos Ventos Utilizes SAP and Google

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The clean energy industry is expected to grow as governments develop regulations that require businesses to consider their impact on the environment. In fact, according to the Brazilian government, almost 83% of Brazil’s electricity matrix originates from renewable sources.

For Casa dos Ventos Energias Renovaveis (Casa dos Ventos), a pioneer in Brazil’s renewable energy market, the company is particularly interested in wind, and solar, and green hydrogen. The company is the biggest wind developer in Brazil. Nearly one-third of all the wind power being generated in Brazil is developed by Casa dos Ventos, says Chief Information Officer (CIO) Roberto Oikawa.

Oikawa is focused on expanding the company’s operations and expects to become one of the largest energy generators in Brazil with the completion of new wind farms. To get there requires the essential task of digitizing the energy sale.

His first step was to change the culture of the company’s IT enterprise. And second, Casa dos Ventos needed a partner and IT infrastructure that allows the company to perform machine learning and artificial intelligence studies with the flexibility and agility that the business requires, says Oikawa.

That partnership came in the form of hosting SAP S/4HANA on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Read more and learn:
• How Oikawa transformed the culture of the IT enterprise by focusing on IT staff that knows how to get information, learn, and be proactive.

• What led Casa dos Ventos to choose SAP and Google as strategic partners for its wind farm initiative.

• How Oikawa learned to get the most from the company’s cloud environment and achieve the outcome he needed.

• What the keys to success were for making Casa dos Ventos’ projects a success and the road ahead.

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