Implement and Manage Competency Frameworks in SAP SuccessFactors

Implement and Manage Competency Frameworks in SAP SuccessFactors

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Managing talent in today’s volatile climate is both challenging and necessary. Companies need to remain engaged with their top performers while laying the groundwork for succession plans in key roles. To be successful, SAP SuccessFactors Platform provides two different systems to implement and manage Competency Framework. Understanding the differences between both can help with making the right choice.

Competencies are assigned to a Job Role to define what it requires from its incumbent, in terms of his/her abilities to perform the job, writes Faisal Iqbal, SAP Consultant, MSITEK LLC. “It helps companies in different processes, such as Career Development Planning and Succession Management. Anyone who is interested in, or a successor to, another role is first assessed for his/her readiness. “

Read this article and learn:
• How the Competency Framework, which is at the core of Talent Management processes, can be implemented and managed in the system.

• What the differences are between SAP SuccessFactors Platform’s two systems, JDM 1.0 (Job Description Manager) and JDM 2.0 (Job Profile Builder), and how they help companies manage Job Roles and Competencies.

• How to implement and manage your competency framework easily using either JDM 1.0 and JDM 2.0.

• When the Center of Capabilities is enabled and how this framework provides a repository of capabilities, including competencies, work values, etc., defined by an organization.

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