Expert Panel Discussion: Boost Manufacturing Agility and Flexibility with SAP HANA

Expert Panel Discussion: Boost Manufacturing Agility and Flexibility with SAP HANA


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Digital transformation is a goal that many manufacturers have been working toward as a means of optimizing operations and improving manufacturing productivity. But the last year has increased the urgency of this initiative as it has become clear to manufacturers that digital transformation can help maintain business continuity and increase agility when introducing new products, address supply chain constraints, and meet fluctuating demand. But what is required to achieve this agility and optimize plant operations, supply chain management, and pricing and warranty planning? And how can SAP HANA support these goals?

Join SAPinsider’s own Senior Analyst, Robert Holland, as he engages an A-Team of thought leaders in this engaging ‘fireside chat’ about the state manufacturing agility and flexibility with SAP HANA.  Guests include Sebastien Boria (Computing Architect, Airbus), Dr. Tom Bradicich (VP, HPE), and David Austin (Sr Engineer, Intel).

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn more about these use cases and their criticality in manufacturing today
  • Understand how a flexible infrastructure can help free up investment for your core business
  • Explore how SAP HANA can help boost manufacturing agility
  • Discover how this environment can help accelerate your transition to SAP S/4HANA

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